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Melissa Edgley
Character Information
Given Name Melissa Edgley
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Ireland, Haggard
Relations Desmond Edgley (spouse)
Stephanie Edgley (daughter)
Alison Edgley (daughter)
Beryl Edgley (sister-in-law)
Fergus Edgley (brother-in-law)
Gordon Edgley (brother-in-law)
Carol Edgley (niece)
Crystal Edgley (niece)

Melissa Edgley is Valkyrie's and Alice's mother and wife to Desmond Edgley. She worked in a bank, before being sacked.



Melissa was once going out with Gordon Edgley, before he introduced her to his younger brother Desmond, with whom she fell immediatley in love. In his will, Gordon even says that Desmond 'stole' her from him. Later she married Desmond and had two daughters, Stephanie and Alice.

Skulduggery Pleasant

Together with her husband and daughter she attends the funeral of her brother-in-law Gordon. Later Melissa goes with them to Fedgewick, Gordon's lawyer, to attend the reading of his will, in which he left her and Desmond his villa in France.

After it is revealed that Stephanie inherited Gordon's estate, she goes along with her to the house checking it. When they want to go back home, they realise that their car broke down and Melissa has to call a mechanic. Because Stephanie doesn't fit into the mechanic's truck due to insufficient seats, she has to leave her alone in Gordon's house, but promises she would later pick her up when the car is fixed. But because the bridge to the estate gets flooded she is unable to pick her daughter up so that Stephanie has to stay alone in the house.

Playing With Fire

Melissa makes with Beryl plans for the Edgley reunion, when Valkyrie comes down for breakfast. At the reunion, Melissa tries to escape with Valkyrie, not bearing the Edgley's behaviours anymore. But because Valkyrie was acting as a bait for Dusk, she persuaded her mother to stay.

The Faceless Ones

Valkyrie persuaded her father to take her mother on holiday to France for their anniversary, so Melissa has to pack and hurry with Desmond to the airport, leaving Valkyrie with Fergus and Beryl.

After coming back from France, Melissa tells Valkyrie's reflection everything about the journey, thinking she was speaking with her daughter.

Dark Days

When Valkyrie is attacked by Crux in her room, Melissa and Desmond bang on the locked door, shouting to her to open the door. Right after Valkyrie unlocked her door she hurries to her and hugs her while her husband examines the room.

Later, when Valkyrie came back from 'school', Melissa got hugged by her daughter and then reveales along with Desmond that they are expecting a baby. And afterwards she is there when her husband introduces the new baby seat he bought.

Mortal Coil

Melissa, Desmond and Valkyrie go to Beryl's Christmas party. And when they go back home, she stares with Desmond at Valkyrie because of her behaviour towards Carol and Crystal.

Later, she meets Fletcher Renn for the first time and compliments his hair. She tells Desmond off a few times, asks Fletcher what college he goes to, but before he could say something, Valkyrie tells her that he might dribble, and not to judge him harshly.

After New Year's Eve, when she is already possessed by a Remnant, Tanith Low visits Melissa and Desmond and says that she is Valkyrie's teacher. They welcome her and have a conversation.

Death Bringer

Melissa appears at Alison's naming ceremony and the party afterwards. Later she is attacked by Ian Moore and is present when Valkyrie got into the A&E.

Kingdom of the Wicked

She tells Valkyrie that she got sacked and is very sad and desperate because of it. Valkyrie then cheers her up, saying the money she inherited from Gordon doesn't only belong to her but also to her whole family.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Melissa, Desmond and Alison are celebrating Valkyrie's eighteenth birthday. Also Desmond and she bought her a orange car - the Oompa Loompa - as a present.

The Dying of the Light


The Future

Cassandra Pharos sees a vision in 2009 where Darquesse kills Melissa and Desmond. And later in 2013 she again has one where Melissa is killed by Darquesse together with her husband and also Alison.


  • She only calls her husband by his last name when she is cross with him.


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