Militsa Gnosis
Character Information
Taken Name Militsa Gnosis
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown, somewhere in her 20s
Magic Necromancy
Faction Corrival Academy (teaching staff)
Weapons Bracelet (inhibited object)
Titles Ms Gnosis
Location Roarhaven

Militsa Gnosis is a young Scottish Necromancer who teaches Magical Theory at Corrival Academy. Militsa is specialized in the source of all magic, which is the reason why she wants to see Valkyrie's magic as it's directly connected to the source of all magic. She helped Valkyrie by showing her the Necronaut Suit in a museum and explaining its properties to her. She nervously asked Valkyrie out for dinner and was somewhat gruffly rejected. She probably has a crush on her, which is given more evidence in Midnight in chapter 30, in which Militsa asks Valkyrie if the girl who attacked her was hot during a lunch outing at a coffee shop. They continue the conversation, switching to the more serious subject of Valkyrie's mental state later on. Militsa, being an expert on the subject of magic, starts a more philosophical discussion of magic and immortality and how it could potentially make older sorcerers less "human". Valkyrie disagrees, mentioning Skulduggery, and decides to drop the subject. Directly after this, she calls Militsa "gorgeous", causing her to blush. Skulduggery, who is standing outside of the shop, beckons Valkyrie over right after this, and the rest of the discussion is never shown.


She is a redhead with freckles who dresses almost exclusively in black (as per Necromancer tradition).


Militsa stores her necromancer power in a bracelet on her wrist. She had originally intended to store it in a ring like Valkyrie but decided against it, so as not to appear to be copying her.


Militsa has a bubbly personality and is self-conscious about how she talks too much. Her general self-awareness makes her seem insightful but awkward. She is very willing to help Valkyrie at a moment's notice.



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