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Character Information
Taken Name Moloch
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2013
Magic None
Location Deceased

Moloch was a vampire who debuted in the fourth book. He lived in an apartment building in Ballymun where the walls have been knocked down to make room for his needs. He was killed by Dusk in Last Stand of Dead Men, following the revelation in The Maleficent Seven that he converted Dusk to Vampirism.



It is known that a few years after Moloch was converted to a vampire he infected Dusk, as revealed in a report Tanith read, compiled by a Sanctuary operative in the area Dusk was in at the time.

Moloch made deals with the human residents of his building that in exchange for blood donations he and his "family" would protect them. He also offered them the chance to join his family by infecting volunteers. Once they were infected he dropped them into a hole in which all the Infected fought. Any Infected left alive after two days would turn into vampires and get to be be a part of his "family". At least eight other vampires had been seen with him in 2009; however, this number rose during the War between Sanctuaries.

Moloch hated Caelan even more after he led Skulduggery and Valkyrie to his building. He also called Caelan a pup, despite Caelan's age. Moloch probably hates Caelan as the latter broke the Vampire code.

Dark Days

In Dark Days, Skulduggery, Valkyrie and Caelan go to his apartment to find out were Dusk is. Because Valkyrie killed his Infected in Playing With Fire, Moloch decides to help them, as she did him a favour by preventing them from becoming vampires, something he felt would jeopardise their position as they would probably publicly expose themselves in some way. He does however feel that he cannot let their deaths go unpunished and thus throws Valkyrie down to the 11th floor where his infected fight, although he later states that he was not trying to kill her, but simply putting her in a situation where she could have died at her own request (one of the Infected knew where Dusk was hiding). This seems to be true, as he doesn't show her any ill will when she emerges, and he seems to have no problems with her getting information about Dusk.

Moloch also tells the pair that Dusk has not only asked him for 14 of his Infected, which he refused, but offered him a deal which he has neither accepted or declined. He does however clarify that he does not stand with Dusk, and seems to find the way that he uses his Infected/Vampires as disposable soldiers distasteful, as he himself refers to his Infected as family and brothers, and when talking about decisions he uses the word 'us', implying that he may not outright control the other vampires.

The Maleficent Seven

Moloch does not appear in the The Maleficent Seven, although he is mentioned. Tanith reveals to Dusk that after a few years of Moloch being a vampire, he bit Dusk and became the one who turned Dusk into a vampire. 

Last Stand Of Dead Men

He makes an agreement to Skulduggery that in exchange for helping the Irish Sanctuary with the war, he would get more area. However, he was killed by Dusk as he was the one who turned Dusk into a vampire.


Moloch's name comes from the Ammonite god, Moloch, popularised in Milton's Paradise Lost.


  • In Maleficent Seven it is stated he was centuries old.


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