Mortals are creatures (Usually human) with no magical aptitude/potential or are unaware of their powers. Or, sometimes they do know of their talents but deny their true calling, like Fergus Edgley. Valkyrie Cain dislikes the term mortal (as seen in Gold, Babies And The Brothers Muldoon) and she says the word means "will someday die" which would imply sorcerers are immortal.

In The Dying of the Light Professor Nye (in the alternate dimension) reveals that every mortal has at least a sliver of magic within them; not usually enough to develop into a sorcerer, but magic nonetheless. When Darquesse leaves Valkyries body, she takes all her magic with her, not leaving a trace, making Valkyrie the most mortal mortal that ever mortaled.

Known Mortals

  • Gordon Edgley (Aware of magic but had no aptitude for it)
  • Melissa Edgley (Aware of magic, hasn't attempted it)
  • Desmond Edgley (Aware of magic, hasn't attempted it)
  • Beryl Edgly (Unaware of magic)
  • Fergus Edgley (Aware of magic, had minor ability in Elemental Magic but denied his calling.)
  • Crystal Edgley (Tried to "push at the air" but had no aptitude for it. It is possible she may too, like her sister, be able to excel in other forms of Magic. Her sister Carol had a minor aptitude for fire based Elemental Magic.)


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