Murder Rose
Character Information
Taken Name Murder Rose
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death October 2009
Magic Adept
Faction The Diablerie
Weapons Daggers, Machine Gun
Location Deceased

Murder Rose was a member of the Diablerie before being possessed by a Faceless One and killed.


The War

A small amount is known about most of Murder Rose's history except that she was a member of the Diablerie when China Sorrows lead the group. She was present during the capture of Skulduggery and his family. Rose went after Skulduggery's child.

Return of the Diablerie

After Batu became the new leader of the Diablerie, Murder Rose rejoined the group. In doing this an invitation for the Faceless Ones was burned into her arm, except she thought that it was a mark to keep her safe when they came.

She first appeared in London, where she aids Batu in the killing of Emmett Peregrine with Gruesome Krav and Jaron Gallow. She engaged in combat with Tanith Low, and defeated her easily, stealing her sword. Later Rose and the rest of the Diablerie go to the Hibernian and attempt to kidnap Fletcher Renn, but they kidnap Thurid Guild, forcing Skulduggery and the others to have a exchange at Liffey Bridge.

Later she was at the exchange on Liffey Bridge where Fletcher Renn was captured by the Diablerie. Along with rest of the Diablerie, Rose set of to Aranmore Farm to bring the Faceless Ones back.

The Battle of Aranmore

At Aranmore Farm Rose is fighting Tanith Low. She defeats her again and is just about to kill Tanith when the White Cleaver stops Rose. Later during the battle one of the three Faceless Ones to emerge through the gateway took over her body, which kills Rose.


She is ruthless and deadly, never giving up on hunt for her prey. It is implied that she is somewhat axe-crazy. Rose is also said to have trouble following orders. She's highly sadistic, being described as a "pretty face contorted with savagery" and toying with Tanith Low during their third fight.

Magic and Abilities

Murder Rose is an Adept however her Adept ability is unknown. She is highly skilled in physical combat, easily performing flips and demonstrating fighting abilities to beat Tanith and would have been able to kill her if not for The White Cleaver's interference. Roses' main weapons are knives, however she is shown to have a degree of skill using firearms and Tanith's sword.



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