For the short story with the same name, see Myosotis Terra (short story).
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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Myosotis Terra
Character Information
Taken Name Myosotis Terra
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age In her twenties
Magic Adept
Faction The German Sanctuary
Location Germany (formerly), Ireland

Myosotis Terra was a character who appears in a short story that came bundled with some European editions of Mortal Coil and the 2012 Australian Tour edition. She returned for a short cameo in Book 8.

Myosotis Terra is a German operative who is sent on frequent missions, often involving spy work. She is an invaluable asset due to her unique ability.

The character was created by Alena Metz, a participant of the 2011 Skulduggery Pleasant competition by Loewe (the German publishing company). Participants were asked to create a brand new original character to be featured in a short story. Out of over 2000 entries Myosotis Terra was chosen. In her entry, Alena described Myosotis' power as "more of a curse than a gift".


Myosotis Terra

In Myosotis Terra, Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain are sent by the German Sanctuary to rescue missing agent Myosotis Terra. After entering a cave, Valkyrie and Skulduggery are immediately being kidnapped by the cave-dwelling cannibals. Myosotis is the one who finds Valkyrie, tied up and ready to be fed to "The Beast". Myosotis tells her she was sent after another German Mage who disappeared here. The Beast turns out to be a cute, little monster that the cannibals named the Beast because they thought it was funny. Myosotis and Valkyrie decide to rechristen the creature "Fluffy". The pair find Skulduggery, also tied up, and engage in an epic fight with the cannibals, leaving a few people rendered dead and a lot unconscious. After this, they untie Skulduggery who grumbles that they didn't leave anyone for him. He half-heartedly kicks an unconscious cannibal. Myosotis gives Valkyrie one of her bracelets before they part, which should ensure that Valkyrie doesn't forget her.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Myosotis appears in one scene with Valkyrie, during fight training. Valkyrie is frustrated because she was beaten up by Ivy. Myosotis teases Valkyrie by calling her yesterday's news.

It is implied that they have met up several times before this encounter but Valkyrie still can't remember any of their meetings until she sees Myosotis again, despite having been given Myosotis' bracelet.


Her magic allows her to be the perfect spy because when you lose sight of her you forget her. This can only be prevented if you have one of her belongings. Although she gives Valkyrie one of her bracelets (which she buys in bulk), Valkyrie still doesn't remember her after their encounter in Last Stand of Dead Men (perhaps because she isn't wearing the bracelet at the time.


Myosotis' magic doesn't work on Skulduggery, whose mind is constructed differently than living people. However, China Sorrows is also able to recall her perfectly when Valkyrie is asking her questions for an investigation, even though Myosotis isn't in the room and there is no indication that China has one of Myosotis' possessions. According to Alena, people who suffer from dementia are able to remember Myosotis perfectly. This quality isn't mentioned in the books however, so it may not be official canon. Another rule mentioned by Alena is that people who have touched Myosotis are also able to remember her, however seeing as how Valkyrie doesn't remember Myosotis after a sparring session, this rule was evidently also not included.


Because of her ability, Myosotis is very lonely but this doesn't prevent her from developing a sarcastic wit similar to Valkyrie Cain (who actually also doesn't have many friends). She quickly befriends Valkyrie and even gives her one of her bracelets.


Myosotis is described as a pretty girl around the age of twenty, with long, wavy blonde hair and green eyes behind glasses. She is quite small but in good shape.


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  • Myosotis is French for the flower Forget-Me-Not.
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