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Character Information
Given Name Myra
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Australia

Myra was a former girlfriend of Fletcher Renn, and a mortal. She lived in Australia and went to college.


Kingdom of the Wicked

Myra appeared as Fletcher's new girlfriend, and mentioned that he saved her life when a fire broke out at her college. Also, she said she used to make muffins with her mother but she was not very good when she made them.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

She told Fletcher she loves him while they were in her apartment. Hayley Skirmish and Tane Aiavao arrived to tell them that they are not safe due to the War between Sanctuaries. Myra murdered both of them and revealed herself to Fletcher to be working with the enemy. She was a mortal assassin. She tasered Fletcher but he escaped and teleported to Ireland.


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