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Solomon holding his cane.

Necromancer Weapons are forged in the Shadow Furnace located within the Necromancer Temple. The type of object used is determined by the personal preference of the Necromancer. Solomon Wreath binds his magic to his cane and Valkyrie to her ring.

The objects that feature in the Skulduggery Pleasant books include a dagger, a flintlock pistol, a cloak, a cane, a ring, a suit of armor and a necklace. In Death Bringer, Melancholia is able to use her body as her magic vessel, as Craven carved a large amount of symbols into her so that her magic from her Surge would flow around her in an infinite loop. If a Necromancer loses hold of their Magic bound object then they to lose all control over Death Magic unless they can retrieve their object. If another person touches an object that has been bound with Death Magic without it's owners consent, the Death Magic within the object will kill the person touching it. There is one exception to this however. During the war with Mevolent, Auron Tenebrae (current leader of the Necromancer order) had his Magic bound dagger knocked from his hand whilst fighting an ogre, who was apparently only a tall man named Jeremy. Skulduggery Pleasant, who was fighting alongside Tenebrae, picked up the dagger without any kind of permission and drew upon it's magic, using the shadows to send 50 spears of darkness directly into the 'ogre's' chest. Skulduggery remained unharmed, as it turned out that he is a rare breed of sorcerer that is able to switch between different forms of magic (in his case Elemental Magic and Necromancy, which is an Adept type. It is also possible that he is able to use Symbol Magic) after experiencing the Surge. It was this action that caused Tenebrae's interest in Skulduggery's Necromancer potential, and it turned out that he was a natural at Death Magic.