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For the sorcerers that use Necromancy, see Necromancer.
Magic Type Adept
Power Manipulation of darkness and shadows
Notable User(s) Valkyrie Cain
Solomon Wreath
Lord Vile
Melancholia St Clair
Skulduggery Pleasant (as a last resort, seemingly by accident/instinct. Only China Sorrows has seen Skulduggery use Necromancy)

Necromancy is the Adept discipline that allows its practitioners to harness the energy of the dead, manipulating it so that they can control darkness and shadows.


Necromancers harness the energy of the dead to control shadows and darkness. Some abilities that can be achieved are making them into solid projectiles, shadow blasts, whips and tendrils and many other things. Other techniques include the one that Nefarian Serpine uses, which is placing power in his hand, rendering it skinless and bloody, and using it to make people suffer agonizing torture and then death whenever he points at them. It is unknown whether the purple vapor that Serpine can produce is Necromancy. They can use their power when there is no death present, but it is when there is nearby death that their power is at its strongest. Valkyrie has shown extremely powerful Necromancy in Mortal Coil, due to the fact that when she was dead in Nye's workplace, she used Necromancy and was perhaps the most powerful depiction of it, because she harnessed her own death energy. Necromancers can also shadow-walk, which is a lesser form of teleportation . Through manipulation of shadows, powerful necromancers are also able to fly by using shadows to support them. This has been shown by Lord Vile in Death Bringer. Powerful Necromancers such as Melancholia St Clair and Lord Vile have shown the ability to create a bubble of death, in which all life force within the aptly named death bubble are sucked towards the user as it contracts, making them stronger. This is similar to the Warlock technique of sucking out souls.


Valkyrie's Necromancer Ring

Fan Art of Valkyrie Cain's Necromancy ring

It is frequently stated that it is the Necromancer way to place their power into an object. However, while the power allows anyone to use it, the darkness can only yield to people who have its consent to use it. Baron Vengeous had to wear special garments when wearing Vile's armour because the power was raw enough to "sear his flesh and boil his blood." When Valkyrie uses Wreath's cane, tendrils of shadows coiled around her hand and it said that "if Wreath had not given it voluntarily, those shadows would tighten and turn her bones to dust." The objects are also able to be destroyed but when they are, the power is not lost as it flows back into the person whose power was in the object. An exception to this is Melancholia, whose power is so strong she does not need an object to store it in.


It is stated by Dr.Nye, that Necromancy magic can be dangerous and unstable when it is used by something that is already dead.

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