Necropolis Information
Name(s) Necropolis
Part of Scotland

Necropolis is a city where only the dead can enter, also known as Meryyn ta Ual and City of the Dead. It is located in Scotland.

Skulduggery Pleasent , Solomon Wreath and Fletcher Renn  succeeded in finding Necropolis. Solomon and Fletcher watched from a balcony overlooking the city as Skulduggery proceeded to get to the middle of the city while facing three tests.


First Test

Skulduggery meets The Inquisitor. When asked what the test is, The Inquisitor replies 'A simple one. A test of purity. 'He tells Skulduggery that people he knew are whispering in his ear. The Inquisitor mentions Skulduggery's wife and child, how they were murdered right in front of him, and how his life is defined by that moment. When asked how he knows this, he says 'Ones who know you.' The Inquisitor tells Skulduggery that his wife and child are waiting for him in the city. When he is acquiesced of lying he tells Skulduggery he can pass. Skulduggery asks 'What about the test?' The Inquisitor replies 'This is the test. and he disappears into the shadows '

Second Test

As Skulduggery gets closer to the centre the second test begins. He encounters The Validator as they talk, the ghost Skulduggery's wife comes to them soon followed by his child. When asked why he still wants to live, he tells them he still has debts to pay. The ghost of Ghastly Bespoke comes and tries to convince him to join them. The ghosts of everyone he knew came to try and convince him, including Mr. Bliss, Kenspeckle Grouse, Tesseract and Stephanie. A hole opens in the ground and  the ghosts dragged him into it and the hole closes but it opens again and Skulduggery jumps out. Skulduggery pushes The Validator into the hole and it closes once more.

Third Test


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