A Neoteric is a sorcerer who was never taught how to harness their magic into a discipline, therefore their magic becomes shaped around them and their personalities, creating unique new forms of magic.  

The term "Neoteric" was made official by Parthenios Lilt, but was suggested to him by Richard Melior. It was first put in the Neoteric Report for the French Sanctuary in about 1981. 

Some Neoterics, such as Nero, gain an existing branch of magic - in his case, Teleportation - but don't know the rules and so make their own, giving them a more powerful - yet unreliable - ability than other sorcerers of that branch.

Others, such as Gleeman Shakespeare , seem to have witnessed an ability that a magical object possesses, and copied and developed it themselves. In his case, it was the Cloaking Sphere and invisibility.

Known Neoterics:


  • Although Valkyrie Cain is classed as a neoteric( techincally), her magic is said to be more closer to witches and warlocks,whereas most neoterics have magic that more closely resemble adept disciplines.
  • The term was created in Resurrection, but neoterics did feature in the first series of books.
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