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Character Information
Species Human
Gender Gender fluid
Birth Unknown
Age 14
Magic Teleporter
Faction Corrival Academy
Location Roarhaven
Relations Unnamed brother (deceased)

Never is a student at the Corrival Academy. She is in the same year as Omen Darkly and is one of his very few friends at school.


Early Life

Little is known of Never's early life besides the fact that her family lived in Roarhaven during the events of Darquesse's rampage and her brother was crushed and killed by a building in the carnage. This caused him to have negative feelings toward Valkyrie in the future.

When Never first started attending Corrival Academy, they showed an aptitude for Teleportation and studied under Fletcher Renn.

In the Books

Towards the beginning of the book, she and Omen Darkly go about their lives. Two-thirds in however, Valkyrie comes to her for help as she can teleport. Never initially refuses, but Omen persuades him. Never takes the group to San Francisco where they find a new lead. Never takes Temper Fray to New York, then teleports back to San Francisco right into the middle of a fight between Valkyrie and Gleeman Shakespeare. Panicked, Never teleports an unconscious Omen away first but comes back for Valkyrie.

The Irish Sanctuary reaches out to Never and asks them to teleport a group of Cleavers to help Valkyrie Cain. However, Omen calls and urges Never to take him and Temper with them. Never takes the group to Coldheart Prison and back.


Never has been shown to both care and tease Omen, and is gentle nudging his friend to work harder at school. A particular noteworthy quality of Never is the hatred for Valkyrie Cain, caused by Darquesse causing the death of her older brother. Never seems wary of Skullduggery Pleasant.



Like all students at Corrival Academy, Never has been trained in multiple fields of magic and has yet to experience the Surge. However, he is a naturally gifted teleporter and is being trained by Fletcher Renn. She also has an aptitude for Elemental Magic and Omen describes her as "pretty good at everything".

Sexuality and Gender

Never is a gender fluid character and does not subscribe to any binary gender instead switching between a male and female persona. Male and female pronouns are used to describe him interchangeably.

Physical Appearance

Never has long, ash-brown hair which they use as an indicator to their preferred pronouns (tied up for male, down for female). As a Third Year at Corrival Academy, Never wears the standard uniform of a black blazer (with purple piping and the school crest on the left breast), black trousers or skirt, white shirt and purple tie. He wears the trousers when identifying as male, and the skirt as female.


  • Never is the first gender fluid character in the series.
  • Given that Never's brother was killed by building falling on him caused by Darquesse either on Devastation Day or before, it is highly likely Never's family were Roarhaven Mages who were aware of Erskine Ravel's Plan to rule over mortals. It is unknown how exactly Never feels towards mortals himself.


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