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Character Information
Taken Name Nixion
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2013
Magic Unknown
Location Deceased

Nixion was an Australian mage fighting against the Supreme Council during the War between Sanctuaries.


Last Stand Of Dead Men

Nixion was stationed at the bottom of the valley near the Keep with the rest of the Irish, Australian and African forces. He and Zathract - another Australian mage - were sent with Erskine Ravel, Ghastly Bespoke and Anton Shudder to investigate Roarhaven. After infiltrating the Sanctuary, Nixion and Zathract split off from the Dead Men members, taking half their Cleaver forces with them to secure the area. When Ghastly next checked on them, Nixion reported that they had half a dozen sorcerers in shackles. They were told to stay where they were and await further instructions. The second time Ghastly tried to contact them, the Black Cleaver had decapitated both Nixion and Zathract and their heads landed at Ghastly's feet.


Nixion is based on an Australian fan of the books.


  • Nixion's full name outside the books is Nixion Strange.


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