Character Information
Taken Name Oblivious
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Necromancy
Location Unknown

Oblivious is a Necromancer of no unusual talent. He seems to serve as a gatekeeper to the Necromancer Temple.


Death Bringer

Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant visit the Necromancer Temple, hoping to find information about an assassin who is suspected to be a Necromancer. Upon arriving at the Temple, they are met by Oblivious, who refuses to let them in, partially because the Necromancers believed they had just found their Death Bringer, Melancholia St Clair. Skulduggery, however, simply ignores Oblivious, and enters the temple. Oblivious brings several Necromancer guards in an attempt to repel Skulduggery, but Solomon Wreath interferes, allowing Skulduggery and Valkyrie to stay.

Later, after Melancholia assaults Valkyrie to the point of death, the Irish Sanctuary attempts to forcibly enter the Necromancer Temple and capture Melancholia. Oblivious is one of the Necromancers who barricades themselves inside the Temple. Skulduggery and Valkyrie, however, infiltrate the Temple, disguising themselves with Necromancer cloaks. Oblivious sees the two, but true to his name, is oblivious as to who the two actually are. He attempts to speak to Skulduggery, who mumbles a mix of rhetoric that is remotely related to death. When Oblivious attempts to unhood Skulduggery, he is swiftly knocked out and left behind.

Following the Sanctuary assault on the Temple, the fate of Oblivious is unknown.


Death Bringer

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