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Character Information
Taken Name Obloquy
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept, Sensitive
Location Deceased

Obloquy was a psychic that could cause unimaginable pain just by thinking "pain" in your head and was member of Foe's gang. He wanted the world and himself to burn.


The End of the World

Obloquy accompanied Vincent Foe and the rest of his gang into a bookshop to capture Ryan. Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain held them off long enough to escape. Later, he ambushed them in an apartment building that Deacon Maybury lived in. Mercy Charient was disquised as an old woman, Francine.

In the shopping centre, Obloquy and Mercy try to activate the Doomsday Machine, but both of them are knocked unconscious by Valkyrie Cain. They are then arrested.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Obloquy and the rest of Foe's gang are broken out of prison by the Supreme Council and are ordered to kill China Sorrows. After an initial failure at her estate, he creeps up on her in The Church of the Faceless and inflicts pain on China. However, China uses a rune that causes her thoughts to enter his mind and ravage it, leaving him in a presumably permanent vegetative state.

The Dying of the Light

He was possessed by Darquesse and murdered Stephanie before his body burned out.


Obloquy is a Sensitive, who specialises in inflicting pain on others. He has telepathic abilities so that means he is able to control peoples minds. He used this against Ryan, when he invades his mind and tells him to be in pain, and the boy has to obey.


Obloquy is described as large and dumb looking.


The End Of The World
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