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"If that's my destiny, then that's my destiny. But at least I'll have one."
— Omen to Valkyrie Cain, Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection
Omen Darkly
Omen darkly
Character Information
Taken Name Omen Darkly
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age 14
Magic Elemental
Location Alive
Relations Emmeline Darkly (mother)
Caddock Sirroco (father)
Auger Darkly (twin-brother)

Omen Darkly is a Year 3 student of the Corrival Academy and the twin-brother of Auger Darkly, the Darkly Prophecy's chosen one. He is currently working together with Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain.


Early Life

Omen was born in a town near Galway a few minutes after his brother Auger to Emmeline Darkly and Caddock Sirroco. Through his mother, Omen is a member of the Legacy family Darkly. Where he grew up, the magical community harbors deep distrust of their mortal neighbors.

At Corrival Academy, Omen was socially overshadowed by his older brother Auger who was the most popular kid in school due to his natural good looks, charisma, and fame as related to the Darkly Prophecy. Omen however blended into the background. He made few friends, one of whom and his best friend was the teleporter-student Never.


Resurrection takes place during Omen's third year at Corrival Academy. Omen is recruited by Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain to keep an eye out for suspicious activity at Corrival Academy, where they believe the Anti-Sanctuary is recruiting young and impressionable students.

Omen wanders around school, spying on teachers and students by following them around for a bit and listening to their conversations. Mr. Peccant finds him and chastises him for missing maths class, and issues Omen detention the next day. Filament Sclavi comes over after Peccant leaves, noting how Peccant must really hate Omen. He asks Omen whether he's interested in sports, to which Omen replies that he never really got the point of it. Filament asks Omen to join the rugby team but Omen declines. They talk for a bit about what living with Augur must be like, and when Filament sees someone else and waves, he departs, telling Omen that it was good to meet him and that although they passed each other loads of times, he never had a reason to talk to him until now.

During dinner, Omen watches people eating with their separate groups. He starts to suspect Jenan and his friends as potential recruits for the Anti-Sanctuary when he recalls their derogatory remarks about mortals that were harsher than the norm. Omen also remembers that Jenan's group is part of a History study group led by their teacher Parthenios Lilt, who shares a similar outlook on mortals.

During breakfast the next day, Never sits with Omen and accuses him of avoiding her, to which he denies. She tells him he's been acting weird and that she noticed him spying on people yesterday. Omen asks her whether she thinks anyone else noticed and she says probably not, due to Omen's apparent gift of people having a tendency to ignore him. Omen tells Never that he can't let her know what he's been up to, and that they kept secrets from each other all the time. Never remarks that Skulduggery and Valkyrie visited the school yesterday and starts to get angry about Valkyrie being here. Omen quickly shuts down the conversation and they go to History class.

After History class, Omen asks Never if she knew how to join Arcanum's Scholars, the History study group Jenan and his friends are part of. She tells him about the secret meetings in the fifth-floor library. Miss Wicked tells them to get to their next class, and Never tells Omen he left his bag (with his timetable) in History.

Later during detention, Omen asks Never (who doesn't actually have detention and is just keeping Omen company) to do his maths work for him, and Never talks to him about what he was like when he first got here and "how that guy became this guy". Omen tells her that since he couldn't get his parents' approval no matter how hard he tried, he stopped trying. Augur shows up to detention, looking for Miss Ethel who was supposed to be supervising. After Augur leaves, Never asks Omen if he thinks his brother would ever take him on one of his adventures, but Omen says that after seeing his brother get hurt all the time, the novelty wears thin.

After detention, Omen sneaks into the Arcanum's Scholars' secret meeting, hiding behind a bookcase. Omen overhears the students talking about Skulduggery and Valkyrie's fight with the Anti-Sanctuary. Jenan declares that they chose "the winning team", though Byron Grace, one of Jenan's group, expresses his doubts. Omen sees a golden mask in Byron's bag and uses Air Elemental magic to pull it to him. Mr. Lilt enters the room and commands everyone to put on their ceremonial masks. As Omen just stole Byron's, Byron apologetically leaves the room to get the spare one from Mr. Lilt's office. As he leaves, Omen hears Mr. Lilt comment that they would probably have to kill Byron.

Later that night, Omen goes to meet with Skulduggery Pleasant, who informs him the Mr. Lilt has been arrested thanks to Omen. Omen asks Skulduggery Pleasant about his injury, and he replies that he's fine now. Skulduggery also tells Omen that his mission is over, despite Omen's protests that he could still be useful.

The next day, Omen, who is feeling quite sorry for himself not that he felt he is no longer part of something special, sees Jenan's friends slipping away to another secret meeting and follows them, despite Skulduggery telling him his mission was over. Omen puts on the mask he stole from Byron and joins the group as they meet with the Anti-Sanctuary, who calls Jenan's group the First Wave. Nero, the Anti-Sanctuary's teleporter, notices that there were ten of them when there were supposed to be nine, and tells the rest of the group. Lethe singles out Omen and Omen backed into the curtain, where he finds a door that leads to the balcony. Jenan approaches him but Omen shoves him back and quickly enters through the door. With nowhere else to go but down, Omen starts to climb but Nero teleports him, startling him so much he lost his grip and fell. Nero catches him, only to let go and leave Omen plummeting to his death. However, Omen was saved by Mr. Peccant, who saw him falling and pulled in him. Peccant questions Omen, who was still wearing his mask, but Omen ran away.

Omen, shaken by the ordeal, attends Miss Gnosis's meditation session and starts to calm down. Omen suddenly notices Jenan looking at him and starts to panic. However, Auger seems to have noticed too and goes up to Omen at the end of the lesson, rescuing him from Jenan. Omen follows Jenan to his room and hides under a bed as Nero appears again. Nero asks Jenan if he found the spy yet and Jenan replies that Omen is his top suspect. Nero tells him that if it is Omen, then Jenan must kill both him and Augur (as he believes that if Omen knows, then Augur probably knows too). Just as Nero is about to teleport away, Omen reaches out and touches the tip of Nero's shoe, so that Nero takes Omen with him.

Omen arrives at Coldheart Prison, where he finds Temper Fray locked in one of the cells. After accidentally unlocking the wrong cell and releasing an actual prisoner named Immolation Joe, Omen finds the right switch and releases Temper, who puts Immolation Joe back in his cell. Together, they manage to escape by holding Nero hostage and having him teleport them back to Roarhaven.

Omen and Temper approach Valkyrie, who recently fought a now-possessed Skulduggery, and ask her what the plan is. Valkyrie gets angry because of Omen's involvement, insisting that it's too early for him for this kind of thing. However, she eventually lets him in on a plan to find Richard Melior and Savant Vega by searching their old home in San Francisco.

Omen tells Never about the First Wave and the Anti-Sanctuary. Miss Gnosis takes them out of class to meet Valkyrie, who Never hates as she blames Darquesse (and therefore Valkyrie) for the death of her brother. However, Never reluctantly agrees to teleport Omen, Valkyrie and Temper to San Francisco to search Merlior's old home. As Omen went back to his room for a change of clothes, Jenan attacks him and starts to choke him with the full intention of killing Omen. However, he is apprehended by Miss Wicked, who orders him to go to the infirmary.

Never takes Omen and the others to San Francisco, where they met an old neighbor of Merlior and Savant's named Bridget who tells them the house was demolished years ago. However, Bridget kept some of their stuff that Omen and the others can go through. Omen finds a photograph of Merlior, Savant, Lilt, and an unknown man and woman. As they were about to return to Roarhaven, Omen was hit in the back of the head and knocked out.

Never teleports Omen back to Roarhaven, where he was sent to Corrival Academy's infirmary with a concussion. Augur visits him and asks him what happened, and Omen responds only vaguely. Augur tells him that their parents called and asked what Omen was up to, to which Augur told them nothing. They talk about their respective roles: Augur as "the Chosen One" and Omen as "the Lucky One", which elicits a surprised reaction from Omen, who didn't know Augur thought of him that way. Augur tells Omen that Jenan's been expelled, and that Jenan and his friends went missing. Filament came by later and they talk about the runaways, and he tells Omen that Byron split off from the group after an argument.

Valkyrie visits Omen with her dog Xena, who has taken an instant liking to Omen. They talk about their different lives growing up, as Omen lived his whole life knowing about magic, as well as how to find Byron. After getting Byron's address from Miss Gnosis, Valkyrie brings Omen along with her to see him, as she thought a familiar face would help calm Byron down. Byron tells them about the Anti-Sanctuary's plans with the First Wave and why he quit, and reveals that he had a tracking sigil on him and all he wanted to do was spend some time with his family before they find him.

Smoke touches Byron and possesses him. Under his influence, Byron attacks Omen, and Omen eventually manages to knock him out. Temper calls Omen and tells him to contact Never. Omen calls Never, who is in the High Sanctuary under orders to teleport Cleavers to help Valkyrie. Omen tells Never that he has to pick Omen and Temper up instead, and tells Never where to meet.

Never teleports Omen and Temper to Coldheart Prison in time for Temper to tell Melior where Savant is.

Omen and Skulduggery have a conversation at the fountain near the Clock Monument. Skulduggery tells Omen that everyone is worried about him. Omen asks Skulduggery about his facade and China's magic. Omen admits that he's hiding because everyone is mad at him, to which Skulduggery replies that plenty more people are mad at Skulduggery, and that his family is only mad because they care about him. He also tells Omen that he's proud of him. Omen tells Skulduggery that he doesn't want to go back to being ordinary, and Skulduggery replies that he's "one of them" now, and they'll call them if they need him.

Powers and abilities

As he has not experienced his Surge yet, Omen is able to use both Adept and Elemental magic. When it is time for his Surge, Omen is thinking of choosing Symbol Magic.


Auger Darkly

Despite the prophecy, Omen is not jealous of his brother. Augur is also quite protective of Omen, as Augur is angry at Omen by the end of Resurrection for getting into a dangerous situation without telling him.


Omen is a very socially awkward person and quite clumsy. He is also neither very talented nor very intelligent. He desires for a destiny and attention due to the status of his brother and the neglection he receives from his parents. He is also quite dim-witted as he often forgets his timetable and annoys his teachers. He has trouble with thinking on his feet. He is described as a good and gentle boy by Miss Gnosis.


Omen has messy hair in the colour of wet sand and is rather short. He wishes his waist was thinner and has to constantly tuck his shirt in.


  • Omen is interested in the language of magic.
  • He is a big fan of Skulduggery and Valkyrie.
  • An older Omen and Augur appear in Valkyrie's vision of the future, where Omen is bleeding and Augur's shoulder is hurt. They click their fingers and summon fire into their hands in anticipation of unknown assailants.
    • this may mean that Omen chooses elemental magic or has become more proficient as a time frame, as usual, is not given


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