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"Those are Sanctuary Operatives out there. The best of the best. Young, strong, and determined. And a hell of a lot smarter than you."
Skulduggery Pleasant, Theatre of Shadows (short story)

Operatives were agents employed by Sanctuaries around the world. Some were freelance mercenaries (such as Foe's gang) while others were Sanctuary staff.


Theatre of Shadows

Ireland and America made use of many Operatives during the Hunt for Silas Nadir. 250 Live Operatives were hired by the Irish Sanctuary during the Theatre of Shadows Crisis to track down Silas Nadir. Other Remote Agents assisted behind the scenes.

The War of the Sanctuaries

The Supreme Council recruited Operatives such as Regis and Foe's gang to perform tasks for them. Others, such as Aurora Jane were recruited from their own Sanctuary (her's being the American Sanctuary).

The Dying of the Light

It was mentioned that the Sanctuary was involving Operatives alongside sorcerers in the fight against Darquesse.


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