Parthenios Lilt
Character Information
Taken Name Parthenios Lilt
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Neoteric
Faction anti-Sanctuary, Arcanum's Scholars
Location Unknown

Parthenios Lilt was a history teacher at Corrival Academy and a member of the Anti-Sanctuary.


He acts a recruiter for the anti-Sanctuary at the school, forming the history study group "Arcanum's Scholars" to find like-minded students. He manages to recruit nine students, including Jenan Ispolin. When Lethe orders Lilt to start killing the students in order to force Savant Vega to cooperate, Lilt claims that Jenan is his favourite student, meaning that he will be the first to die.

Lilt is arrested after Omen Darkly mentions his suspicions about him to Skulduggery, but escapes soon after. He appears at the resurrection of Abyssinia but flees when things don't go quite to plan.

He is in contact with the American president Martin Flanery for a certain time and reveals he would like to meet the president after his flight from the resurrection scene.


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