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Patrick Xebec
Character Information
Taken Name Patrick Xebec
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death May 2012
Magic Elemental
Location Deceased

Patrick Xebec was an Irish mage who noticed Kitana Kellaway and her accomplices firing energy beams into the sky. He would confront the four teenagers, only to be murdered.


Kingdom Of The Wicked

During May 2012, Patrick spotted several bright streams of light in the sky, fired by Kitana and her friends, this power bestowed to them by Argeddion. Patrick planned to contact the Sanctuary, as nothing like this ever happened before. He confronted the children, explaining that there are others with magic, governed by the Sanctuaries around the world. However, upon stating his intent to turn the children into the Sanctuary, as he hoped they would deal with the situation, Xebec was blasted in the leg by Kitana, falling to the ground. He was killed by Kitana, who used her power to "melt his brain." He was survived by a wife who spoke to Skulduggery Pleasant about his disappearance.


Patrick Xebec appeared to be an Elemental, evidenced by his use of air to propel himself onto a rooftop.


  • It's possible that he's Batu's father, as his name fits and his backstory works. The only thing going against this is the fact that his wife never mentions sons, and Batu never mentions his mother.


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