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Paul Lynch
Character Information
Given Name Paul Lynch
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2011
Magic Seer, Sensitive
Location Deceased

Paul Lynch was a homeless man who had visions of various apocalypses. Lynch was contacted by Kenny Dunne for an interview about strange people doing strange stuff with strange powers.


Early Life

"He couldn't hold down a job, couldn't maintain a relationship... He ended up homeless, drinking too much, muttering away to himself in doorways."
— Kenny Dunne, Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer

Lynch had visions since he was a teenager. Despite taking numerous pills from various psychiatrists, the visions continued. Because of these visions, Lynch could not properly get a job and hold it down and/or keep up a relationship. This lead to him becoming homeless as well as becoming an alcoholic. Lynch's first vision involved dark gods called "the Faceless Ones", who somebody banished away long ago and were trying to get back in.

When he was seventeen, Paul Lynch had a vision where the Faceless Ones would return to the world through a glowing yellow door, and killed millions of people, levelled cities, and broke apart the world. Lynch continually had this vision, each time from a different perspective, until eventually the date when it would have happened came by and the world remained intact. After that, he stopped having the visions. However, more visions came to him, including the mass breakout of Remnants in 2009.

Interview with Kenny

Kenny Dunne, an interviewer, went to contact Lynch for a news story. However, Dunne was late and when he arrived there, Lynch had had his throat slit by the necromancer Bison Dragonclaw in an effort to prevent people from finding out about the Passage.

Powers and abilities

"He had visions, he said. That’s what he called them, visions. He’d had them since he was a teenager."
— Kenny Dunne, Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer

Lynch would often have incredibly realistic and vivid visions of apocalypses which would terrify him. The number of visions would gradually increase as it got closer to each apocalypse, and then stop for a while after the apocalypse didn't happen.


Death Bringer

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