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Grandmaster Ping
Character Information
Taken Name Ping
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Many years before 2013
Age Very Old
Magic Unknown
Faction Scapegrace's gang
Weapons Martal Arts Weapons
Titles Grandmaster
Location Ireland

Ping is a Grandmaster of Martial Arts and an accomplice of Vaurien Scapegrace.


Last Stand Of Dead Men

He is recruited by Scapegrace to teach him the skills necessary to become The Dark and Stormy Knight, his latest moniker. After his one of his lessons, he walkes into the dark and pretends the others couldn't see him. He then runs out and the back door could be heard opening.

Later, Ping helpes Scapegrace and Thrasher, The Village Idiot, track down Creyfon Signate. When he reveales Roarhaven's hundred year plan, they run in terror at the fathomless length at which the Roarhaven mages would go to see the plan come to fruition.

It is also later revealed that Ping fell in love with Scapegrace or with his female appearance.

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He was described as a small Chinese man with a wispy grey beard that sprouted from his chin like a trail of hairy smoke. His skin is parchment paper that had been crumpled up and full of wrinkles. Ping is dressed in what he called the traditional robes of his ancestors, but Scapegrace was certain it is just a new bathrobe.


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