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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Quintin Strom
Character Information
Taken Name Quintin Strom
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2012
Magic Unknown
Faction The British Sanctuary

Supreme Council

Titles Grand Mage
Location Deceased
Relations Unnamed Wife

Quintin Strom was an Elder, and the Grand Mage of the British Sanctuary, he also joined the Supreme Council. Frightening Jones has said that he knows the Elder well, and that he could be trusted.


The War

Between circa 1850-1855, he engaged Mevolent and his forces around the world while the Dead Men fought Lord Vile in Denmark in the Corpse Attack.

The Faceless Ones

It is mentioned that Frightening Jones reported to Strom that Tanith was seen with Peregrine. He then reported this to The Irish Sanctuary.

Death Bringer

Strom makes a small appearance at the Requiem Ball where he flirts with China, and has apparently drunk too much.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

He first made an appearance in a Supreme Council meeting with the Irish Sanctuary where they discussed helping out the Sanctuary. Later he and Erskine Ravel were seen arguing, and he then later threatened Ravel. Ravel, taking extreme measures to prevent other Sanctuaries interfering, arrested Strom and imprisoned him. Bernard Sult, envoy of the American Sanctuary, found out he was in a detention cell and was furious. The Sanctuary eventually released him at the end of the book, and he generously agreed to alter Sult's report of the occurrence, as he believed he would have done the same. However, as he packed his things, Billy-Ray Sanguine and Tanith Low broke in, and Tanith assassinated him by slicing his head off, under the order of the Roarhaven Mages and the Man with Golden Eyes.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

His murder is reminded of by the Supreme Council to Ireland.


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