Rapture Soul
Character Information
Taken Name Rapture Soul
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Faction None
Titles Mercenary-for-hire
Location Unknown

Rapture is a sorcerer mentioned by Nefarian Serpine


The Dying of the Light

In The Dying of the Light, Nefarian Serpine mentions Rapture as one of the "mistakes" he had made after replacing China Sorrows as the leader of the Resistance in the Alternate Dimension - implying that he slept with her, in order to make Harmony jealous. (Flaring, Shakra, Ashione, Rosella, Kallista and Luciana are also listed as "mistakes".)


She is the creation of an English fan by the name of Sophie, often referred to as "Dead-Bones". Outside of the books, Sophie has created many fanon adventures involving the mercenary, both in writing and art.


  • Rapture's full name outside the books is Rapture Soul.


The Dying of the Light mentioned