Ratoath Information
Name(s) Ratoath
Major events The Battle of Ratoath
Inhabitants The Resistance
Part of Ireland

Ratoath was a small town in County Meath, Ireland. A battle was fought there in 2012 in Mevolent's dimension. It hasn't appeared in the main universe since.


Kingdom Of The Wicked

Towards the end of her travels in Mevolent's Dimension, Darquesse came to this town, where the Resistance fought its final battle against Mevolent. Both him and Lord Vile personally attended the battle. Darquesse wandered the streets before finding the Resistance Headquarters and its leader: China Sorrows. Mevolent then discovered them and fought Darquesse. She grabbed his Sword but disliked it and threw it out the window. Nearly killed by Mevolent, she escaped into an alley, where China waited for her with The Sceptre of the Ancients. The effects of Silas Nadir's Dimensional Shunt started to come over her for the last time as Nefarian Serpine stepped out of the shadows and killed China. Darquesse managed to shunt home before he could attack her.


It is presumed that Mevolent's forces overcame the Resistance and finally oppressed the people of this world.


Like the Dublin of Mevolent's Dimension, its people lived in fear of their overlords. However, they secretly harboured the Resistance and paid the price for defying Mevolent.


  • Ratoath is a real location in Ireland.