Character Information
Taken Name Razzia
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 200+
Magic Neoteric
Faction Anti-Sanctuary
Location Alive
"Sweetheart. Beautiful. Lunatic blonde. I have a name. I know I have a name because I picked it myself. Now, while I may be a sweetheart, and I sure am beautiful, and I am undoubtedly both a lunatic and a blonde, my name is Razzia, and that is what you’ll be gurgling as I kill you."
— Razzia to Serafina's people, Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight

Razzia is an Australian Neoteric who allies herself with Lethe and the other members of the Anti-Sanctuary.


As a Neoteric, Razzia's magic does not fit into any preexisting magical discipline. However, her abilities seem to resemble Necromancy to a point. She kills a woman by using a shadow to snap her neck. Unlike normal Necromancy, her shadows erupt from her palm as a tendril with a mouth full of sharp teeth.


Razzia is described as a beautiful blonde who always dresses in tuxedos.


Razzia seems to be somewhat mentally unstable and psychotic. She relishes in killing people for the fun of it (even babies) and doesn't wear a watch because "Time is a social construct designed to derive order from chaos."


Skulduggery Pleasant Resurrection