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"Darquesse, we were aimless. We were nothing. We were anger and hatred and spite. But now? Now we have purpose. Now we have a future. With you."
— A Remnant telling Valkyrie about their messiah, Darquesse, Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil

Remnants are creatures that first appeared in Dark Days. Thousands of them are locked in a room at the Midnight Hotel. Once a Remnant stays four days in a body, they are permanently inside, even if they want to escape. A Remnant can be forced out of a person using symbols (as demonstrated by China Sorrows when she removed the unnamed Remnant from Kenspeckle Grouse) or with a Soul Catcher. Their messiah is Darquesse. Remnants cannot possess the dead (such as Skulduggery), Vampires or Reflections.


Remnants are said to be beings of pure anger, hatred and spite that dream of a world of death where they don't have to hide in flesh suits. The Remnants once escaped (in the 1800's) although they were tricked into massing in the MacGillycuddy's Reeks where the Receptacle was created. The Remnants were then sucked into the the Receptacle like they be would be sucked into a Soul Catcher. They were all later transferred to The Midnight Hotel.

In Books

Dark Days

Remnants were first seen in The Midnight Hotel. Anton Shudder had the key into their room on a chosen around his arm. When Sanguine tries to steal them, they, along with Skulduggery and Valkyrie are attacked by the Zombie Horde. In the fight, Sanguine manages to get the key, and put a Remnant in the Soul Catcher. The Remnant is then used to possess Grouse, and makes him create another Desolation Engine as well as fix and adapt the original one. Later on, China uses her symbols to force the Remnant out of Grouse's body. They returned the Soul Catcher to Solomon Wreath, but the Remnant was not returned to the Hotel.

Mortal Coil

The Remnant that was not returned to the Hotel was instead used to possess Finbar Wrong to see if Valkyrie is their Death Bringer. The Remnant gives Wreath the wrong idea, and tries to possess him, but Wreath escapes. What the Remnant really saw was that Valkyrie Cain was Darquesse.

Mortal Coil art

Skulduggery attacked by Remnant-possessed people.

Shudder is then the next person to be possessed. He then releases all the other Remnants. They go and start possessing everyone, including Tesseract. Corrival Deuce, Anton and Solomon attack Skulduggery, Ghastly and Erskine. Erskine then becomes possessed, and Skulduggery and Ghastly escape just as Tesseract walks in. Later on, Geoffrey Scrutinous and Philomena Random are possessed in a fight against The Four Elementals.

The gang get an idea to use the giant Soul Catcher in Kerry. This plan is stopped because Fletcher is possessed, and attacks Valkyrie, but Billy Ray Sanguine and Caelan save her.Tanith is also attacked by a man named Ged and a child with his nan, but she defeats them. At the Hibernian, another Remnant possesses Clarabelle and kills Grouse.

After driving to the Receptacle, they find out that China has been possessed. Ghastly is also possessed and the two steal Valkyrie.

A Remnant also manages to get Valkyrie, feeding power to Darquesse. They think that Darquesse will destroy the world, and they offer their services to her, but Darquesse begins to kill them all. The Remnant, in the end, is forced out by Valkyrie.

All the Remnants are forced back into the Soul Catcher, but the one in Tesseract stays and possesses Tanith. Four days go by and the Remnant permanently stays in her.

The Dying of the Light

Darquesse and Tanith break out the Remnants for Darquesse to use as an army. They follow her orders but reveal to the Monster Hunters that they are no longer as interested as they were in Darquesse destroying the world as there would be nobody left to possess. They later kidnap Alice to use the Sceptre. They later try to defeat Darquesse by flying inside her at once. However, she is able to consume them and gain their collective knowledge. The last remnant left, which possessed Dexter Vex, is allowed to flee by Darquesse. She would later use their knowledge to open a portal to the Faceless One's Universe.


Remnants hate being in the room at The Midnight Hotel, and also the Soul Catcher. Once they possess someone, they like to think that it is still the person in control that they're making the person complete. Ever since the Remnant outbreak they worship Darquesse and the possibility that she will kill the world.


While they are in spirit form, they appear to be small, flitting shadows with tiny white slits for eyes. They have hands that they use to pry open their victims jaws to possess them. When they possess someone, they can choose to keep the appearance normal, or have veins stick out, and make their lips turn black. It is mentioned that a Remnant is not much more than intent and Remnants say that they actually are the person they are possessing, this is probably the reason some Remnants take on personality traits(such as voice patterns) of those that they possess.

It is said that Remnants are born when someone with an evil enough spirit dies and their spirit lives on in the form of a Remnant. However it appears they hold no memory of their former selves. Unlike their other human spirit counterparts, Ghosts.

Victims Possessed


  • Only two Remnants are known to still be alive.
  • People who have a Remnant inside them gain superhuman strength.


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