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Remus Crux
Character Information
Taken Name Remus Crux
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death September 2010
Magic Elemental
Faction The Revengers' Club (formerly)
Titles Prime Detective
Location Deceased
"Remus Crux is the new Primary Detective for the Sanctuary. He follows the rules, does what he’s told, and despises Skulduggery. But he also knows a deep, dark secret..."
— Description,

Remus Crux was Skulduggery's Prime Detective replacement who only appears in Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones and Dark Days. His magic discipline is Elemental. He has a terrible beard designed to hide his weak chin. He was killed by China Sorrows when he attempted to spill her secret.



Remus is the only living sorcerer to know of China Sorrows involvement with Skulduggery's family's death. Crux boasts about this to her, saying that he figured it out all by himself, only to have it pointed out to him by China that a dying Necromancer told him because there was no one else there at the time.

The Faceless Ones

Murder of Cameron Light

He approaches the crime scene and spots Skulduggery and Valkyire. He then orders them to leave because it was a sanctuary investigation.

The Battle of Aranmore Farm

At Aranmore Farm, Crux finds the Sceptre, but it is stolen back by China. When he looked up at a passing Faceless One his mind was broken and he developed an obsession with killing Valkyrie and bringing the Faceless Ones back.

Driven Insane

In the fourth book Remus Crux joins a group called the Revengers' Club which includes Scapegrace, Sanguine, Dusk, Springheeled Jack and Dreylan Scarab. He gives Dusk information on how to get into the Sanctuary so he could steal the Desolation Engine.

Early on, Crux attempts to murder Valkyrie but she is saved by Solomon Wreath, who had decided to use Valkyrie as bait for Crux without telling her, claiming "bait doesn't need to know it's bait".

He later reveals to China that she was involved in Skulduggery's family's deaths, stating that "Everyone knows what you did. They're all whispering. China Sorrows, China Sorrows, she's the one. Nefarian Serpine killed Skulduggery Pleasant, but China Sorrows led his family into the trap." China subsequently shoots him in the chest, point blank, killing him.

During his time with the Revengers' Club, Crux never in any way assists the other members, not even helping steal anything they needed.


Remus is shown to be an Elemental, as seen in The Faceless Ones when he attacks Alan, a friend of Valkyrie's, with air, and in Dark Days, when he clicks his fingers and makes a fireball. He dies summoning a ball of fire as China kills him.


Crux is described as having a very grating and sour persona, often thinking a lot higher of himself than recommended. Most characters seem to have an instant dislike to him, and his bitter attitude. China claims in the faceless ones that he makes his cases too personal, by going after Skulduggery  (who wasn't a threat) rather than the Diablerie, who were most definitely in need of arrest. China Sorrows  then goes on to explain that he is a second-rate detective, often failing to get the job done. This is made evident during the course of his career. He is noted to be intensely narcissistic and extremely cowardly, selfishly flattering himself and only thinking about his own benefits in a situation. He was incredibly pompous, and continuously flaunted himself and his delusional sense of self importance.