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Renato Bisahalani
Character Information
Taken Name Renato Bisahalani
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death 2013
Magic Unknown
Faction The American Sanctuary
Titles Grand Mage
Location Deceased

Renato Bisahalani is the former Grand Mage of the American Sanctuary.


The War

In Prussia during the war he, his soldiers, Ghastly and Larrikin were surrounded by enemy soldiers. He walked out of the front door and spoke to the man in charge and persuaded him to leave.

Kingdom of the Wicked

It is mentioned that Bisahalani chose Bernard Sult, Administrator of the American Sanctuary, to be his represent for the Supreme Council.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

He got increasingly angry with the audacity of Ireland. When the Australians and Africans joined the war he was evacuated from New York. Eventually, he and one of his elders were murdered by assassins.



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