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An artist’s depiction of Roarhaven City.

Roarhaven City
Roarhaven City Information
Name(s) Roarhaven City
Inhabitants The Irish Sanctuary, Children of the Spider, Graft
Part of Ireland

Roarhaven City, formerly known as just Roarhaven, is a magical community. It is situated near a lake and is the hometown of Vaurien Scapegrace. The town itself is very inhospitable and is not featured on any mortal maps as they do not like mortals.

Its residents were involved in a failed political coup to overthrow the Sanctuary and reinstate it in Roarhaven. It was supposed to be these headquarters is seen in Playing With Fire linking to the Torment's living quarters in the basement of the local pub. The pub used to be owned by Scapegrace, but he lost it in a poker game.

After the destruction of the Sanctuary in Dark Days, Roarhaven's facilities were used for the new Sanctuary. Soon after in the Last Stand of Dead Men, when Erskine Ravel killed Ghastly and Anton Shudder and revealed his secret plans for world domination, Roarhaven turned out to be even more sinister than previously thought. It turned out that the inhabitants of Roarhaven had been plotting with Erskine for years to provoke warlocks into attacking mortals so that the mortal hating sorcerers could ride to the rescue and then become rulers of the mortals. 

It turned out that another Roarhaven, known as the City of Roarhaven, had been built in an alternate dimension, then in the 8th book the city is shunted into our dimension, and they combine. The city actually resembles the city ringing Mevolent's palace to some degree, with its enforced outer walls and wide streets. The modest squat builiding previously serving as the Sanctuary is replaced with a large palace-like building (later named the High Sanctuary). 

In The Dying of the LightDarquesse destroys a large portion of the city, reducing one quarter to rubble. It was rebuilt later with more buildings added such as Corrival Academy and the Dark Cathedral. The rebuilt part of the city (the Eastern part) cannot be entered by Sensitives as they would have to fear mental damage. Non-sensitives living in this area suffer from nightmares and stress. This resulted in not many people living in the Eastern Part of the city.

Magical technology is flourishing in the city. Hovering trams serve as public transport and scientific research teams such as Project Torchlight are being formed. 

The Fangs are three square kilometres of land inhabited by the vampires like Dusk that broke there code. In five years, there have been no vampire attacks.

It also contains the bar Cain went to when she started her scavenger hunt to find her sister and summoned Cassandra to help her with this task.

Notable Inhabitants

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