Rosella Ember
Character Information
Taken Name Rosella Ember
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Faction The Irish Sanctuary, The Resistance
Titles Agent
Location Ireland

Rosella Ember is an Irish Sanctuary operative.


Death Bringer

In Death Bringer she was relatively new to the Sanctuary, and rather excited about raiding the Necromancy safe house and killing Melancholia, along with Kallista Pendragon. Rosella is one of the Sanctuary Operatives who expresses their displeasure at the order to capture Melanchola St Clair alive, believing it safer and more satisfying to kill her.

Rosella is then teleported to the Necromancer safehouse with the other Sanctuary operatives. As no casualties are mentioned during the assault, it is assumed that she survives. It is unknown what happens to her after this.

Alternate Dimension

In The Dying of the Light , it is revealed that a version of lived in the alternate dimension. After Serpine rescues Valkyrie from Nye and takes her to the new headquaters of The Resistance, he mentions having "made mistakes" after replacing China Sorrows as the leader. Rosella was one of the "mistakes" mentioned - implying that she was apart of The Resistance, and also killed by Serpine. (Flaring, Shakra, Ashione, Luciana, Kallista, and Rapture are also mentioned "mistakes".)


She is based on an Australian fan of the books.


Death Bringer
The Dying of the Light mentioned
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