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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"Tanith is evil."
— Sabine on the Remnant inside Tanith Low, The Maleficent Seven
Character Information
Taken Name Sabine
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept, Magiphage
Weapons Knife
Titles Leech
Location Unknown

Sabine is a character who appears in The Maleficent Seven.

Early life

Sabine worked as a con and thief when she met Tanith Low. The two quickly became friends. She angered many people, including Mr. Chabon.

The Maleficent Seven

Sabine first appears while selling an apparently powerful ring to a sorcerer, which is in fact a useless trinket filled with temporary magic. While fleeing, she encounters Tanith Low, who recruits her into her group bent on stealing the God-killer weapons which can harm Darquesse. Sabine is a Magiphage, allowing her to absorb or transfer magic to or from an object for a limited amount of time, the most being about 90 hours. This is why Tanith needs her: so they can replace the weapons with magical fakes to buy them enough time before all the weapon's owners hear of the robberies.

She accompanies them on the mission to Johann Starke's mansion, where she is injured by a Ripper. She starts to distrust the group due to their avid use of violence. Shortly after, it is revealed to the reader that Springheeled Jack is apparently in love with her. While the team is stealing the bow from Chicago, Sabine is paired with Jack, something that disgusts her. She is apparently oblivious to his feelings and possibly, like the rest of the team, think he has feelings for Black Annis. She, along with Billy-Ray Sanguine, Annis,  Jack and Dusk, ambush Dexter Vex's team when they arrive in Poland, temporarily stemming Vex's magic.

Shortly before breaking into the London Sanctuary, it is revealed Tanith needed Sabine for another reason: Thames Chabon was looking for Sabine after she sold him a fake relic, so Tanith offered him Sabine in exchange for a way into the Sanctuary. She is last seen being dragged away by Chabon's men. The remaining team members due nothing to help her for various reasons. (Annis thinks she tried to steal Jack's love, Dusk struggled to keep his inner vampire at bay & Wilhelm is too cowardly to help her.)


Her fate is left unknown, though Dusk later says she is probably dead, which is most likely the case.

Powers and abilities

Sabine was a Magiphage, and was able to drain magical power, this is shown to have a weakening effect when used on mages, with Dexter Vex describing it as cold and feeling like 'His life was being dragged out of him.' This ability leaves a mage temporarily unable to use their powers. However, an unknown aspect of her power was that she could also transfer that magical energy into objects, giving them a sense of magic about them for up to 90 hours. These powers allowed her to con various people into believing that she had sold them a valuable and powerful magical item.


Maleficent Seven