Sagacious Tome
Character Information
Taken Name Sagacious Tome
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death June 2007
Magic Teleporter
Titles Elder
Location Deceased

Sagacious Tome was a Teleporter and an Elder who was secretly working for Nefarian Serpine. He murdered his fellow Elders, Eachan Meritorius and Morwenna Crow.


Skulduggery Pleasant

Bitter because he believes everyone thinks he is inferior to Morwenna Crow and Eachan Meritorious (The other Irish Sanctuary elders), the very ambitious Sagacious joins forces with Nefarian Serpine and tricks the other Elders, enabling Serpine to destroy them in order to get the great Book of Names as The Will of The Elders is protecting it. When the spell that Sagacious, Meritorious and Morwenna placed over the Book to protect it still doesn't disappear, Serpine destroys Sagacious as well, thereby enabling him to take the Book.

Alternate Dimension

In Kingdom of the Wicked he is mentioned by Eachan Meritorious, talking to Valkyrie in the Prison cell. Meritorious says that Sagacious was very brave, not giving any secrets away even whilst being ripped limb from limb.


Although a wise and powerful Elder himself, Sagacious Tome appears to have something of an inferiority complex and is somewhat paranoid believing that all the Magical Community believe him to be insignificant compared to Eachan Meritorious and Morwenna Crow. Sagacious is also a very haughty individual and is notable for being even more melodramatic than Serpine.

Magic and abilities

In the first book, Sagacious Tome was witnessed appearing out of thin air in the Christ Church and later, faded to nothing when betraying the Sanctuary. In the third book, he is told to have been a Teleporter. In the first book, he is said to appear out of thin air.


Sagacious is younger than his other Elders and wears a sky-blue suit.




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