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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"How many times do I have to say this? I know things."
"I hate you."
"See? I knew that."
— Saracen and Dexter Vex, Last Stand of Dead Men
Saracen Rue
Saracen Rue.jpg
Character Information
Taken Name Saracen Rue
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age over 400
Death 2020
Magic Adept, Lynceus
Faction The Dead Men (formerly)
Weapons Unknown
Location Deceased

Saracen Rue was a prominent member of the Dead Men during the War. He was a good friend of Dexter Vex and an old boyfriend of Tanith Low and Ashione.


Saracen Rue was one of the nine members of the Dead Men during the War. He met the others when he "attacked a camp singlehandedly" according to him, but Shudder corrects him, saying that he "tripped and rolled down the hill into enemy camp" and the others had to save him. Saracen grumpily replies that it was an aggressive roll.  At one point Saracen also dated Tanith Low. While Saracen was dating her, the two fought together in a battle. After the night was over, the two kissed under the moonlight, drenched in gore and pieces of brain. Tanith recalls it as a "night enjoyed by all".

He also participated in a mission in Siberia to assassinate the Butcher, a soldier so terrible his own wife and soldiers disliked him. Saracen seduced his wife and hid with her for three days until his ankle healed and went up against Baron Vengeous in Leeds, and the psycho Sisters, Cerys and Aspen in Norwich. He also seduced them, but not at the same time.

He fought in The Corpse Attack in Denmark and was present at Anton Shudder's Birthday.

Saracen in 1861

Across a Dark Plain

He accompanied the other members of the Dead Men on a mission in America to capture Nefarian Serpine.

The Maleficent Seven

In The Maleficent Seven, Saracen made an appearance as one of the six people that helped Dexter Vex search for the four God-Killer weapons. It was shown that almost nobody knew what his magic was - when asked, he simply replied that he "knows things". 

Last Stand of Dead Men

Saracen returned to Ireland when the Dead Men reunited during the War of the Sanctauries. He accompanied the other Dead Men to reclaim the Engineer in France. He also infiltrated the British Sanctuary with them. Later, he participated in the Battle of Roarhaven; fighting Charivari alongside Dexter Vex and Valkyrie Cain's reflection.

The Dying of the Light

Saracen, Dexter, Fletcher Renn and Dai Maybury teamed up with the Monster Hunters to help fins and capture the last remaining Remnants that were let free. He helped defeat Darquesse, but she crushed him with a wall. At first it is unknown if he is alive or dead, but he is then mention in Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection and is confirmed to have survived.


Saracen is mentioned several times in Resurrection. He appeared in Valkyrie's vision in Cassandra Pharos's house, dead on the ground with his throat torn out. In a conversation with Valkyrie Cain, China Sorrows revealed that he and Dexter Vex are no longer "on good terms"

Skulduggery Pleasant: Seasons of War

Saracen was enlisted in the mission to assassinate Mevolent in Dimension X, along with Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Dexter Vex, Tanith Low, Nefarian Serpine, and Luke Skywalker. It is revealed that the rift between Dexter and Saracen stems from Saracen refusing to tell Dexter his discipline. As a show of trust, Saracen reveals his discipline enables him "X-Ray vision". He admits he doesn't share the information as he is embarrassed at his chosen discipline, having chosen it to be able to see through clothes - something he acknowledges is disconcerting on account of clothes 'squashing' body parts.

During the mission, he sustains a Draugr bite to the arm, upon which Skulduggery and Dexter prepare to amputate the limb with Tanith's sword, but Saracen protests and shows them a second bite on his neck.

He is held at the Dimension X resistance camp in the hopes that Valkyrie will reunite with the team and be able to use her powers to heal Saracen, but he eventually succumbs to the condition; and is implied to have been executed by Dexter Vex upon his transformation into a Draugr.


Saracen's discipline was a closely guarded secret from his first appearance until Seasons of War- apart from being said that he was an Adept, all that was said about Saracen's power is that he "knows things". He demonstrated this when, for example, he knew that there was a guard around a corner holding a machine pistol without seeing him or hearing him.

In Seasons of War, Saracen confirms Skulduggery's hunch that he is a Lynceus - someone with the ability to see through layers - in order to regain Dexter Vex's trust (Saracen's refusal to reveal his discipline is revealed to be the source of their rift). He admits he is embarrassed by his choice of discipline, and the reasons he chose it; primarily to look through clothes as a teenager, an act that quickly lost it's appeal due to the 'squashing' effect clothes have on one's extremities. Saracen opted to tell people he "knows things" to appear mysterious.

Nonetheless, his Lynceus abilities have proven valuable whilst undertaking missions, including time serving with the Dead Men.

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Saracen appears to possess a unique aura, as his is the colour of deep purple.


  • When Derek Landy was asked about his sexuality, he responded that there was none when one was 400 years old. [1]
  • Erskine Ravel was the only one to know Saracen's power prior to Seasons of War.


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