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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"Thrilled that a whole new generation is appreciating Gordon Edgley's

oeuvres. The horror award in his name is brewing nicely and I'm very proud and excited to be on the steering committee."

— Steepe on Edgley's works.
Seamus T Steepe
Character Information
Given Name Seamus T Steepe
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth May 22nd, 1950
Age 64
Magic None
Faction Arc Light Book
Titles Editor
Location Dublin
Relations Gordon Edgley (author)

Seamus T Steepe was the editor of Gordon Edgley's books, published by Arc Light Book.



He was born on May 22nd 1950 in Dublin, Ireland and graduated from UCD college in 1968. Ten years later, he joined Arc Light Book in 1978. He then became editor of crime novels, including the works of Gordon Edgley. On September 7, 1982, he won Crime Editor of the Year.

The Death of Gordon Edgley

He phones the Edgley's giving his condolences after his death.

Theatre of Shadows


A Symbol that mysteriously appeared.

A few months after the re-emergence of Silas Nadir, Steepe came into public eye again, due to the popularity of Gordon's books. Strange Symbols began to appear in his life, which he puzzled over with friends of his on Social Media. He found information but declined to share it until he got more friends. He later crawled into the sewers and made his way through a maze. He then found a rune translation tablet in the centre, took a picture and sent it to sanctuary operatives. He managed to escape the maze and return home safely.

The tablet that he discovered.





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