"He wanted to find Darquesse. He needed to. In a world gone mad, bringing her back was the only sane thing to do."
— Sebastian Tao, Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection
Sebastian Tao
Character Information
Taken Name Sebastian Tao
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown, possibly Elemental
Faction Darquesse Cult
Titles The Plague Doctor, Mr Beakface
Location Roarhaven

Sebastian Tao is a citizen of Roarhaven who worships Darquesse. He has a plan to bring her back from the

reality of The Faceless Ones through the use of a shunter. He first appears in Resurrection where he sees Valkyrie Cain being attacked by three Roarhaven citizens, bitter over what she had done as Darquesse. Sebastian takes out the third mage by jumping on him from a rooftop. He informs her that he is here to help, that he is on her side. He also asks Valkyrie not to tell Skulduggery Pleasant about him. Valkyrie agrees, then promptly tells Skulduggery about him.

He meets Bennet, the leader of a cult that also worships Darquesse. Sebastian attempts to rescue Bennet's wife Odetta who has presumably been kidnapped. It turns out Odetta hadn't been kidnapped at all but had fallen in love with a Hollow Man she calls Conrad. She leaves Bennet for Conrad but Bennet still appreciates Tao's help and agrees to assist him in return by bringing Darquesse back.

Physical appearance

Sebastian is always seen wearing a the beak-shaped mask of a plague doctor and a wide-brimmed hat. Sebastian acknowledges that the mask makes him look equal parts ridiculous and intimidating, but reasons that plague doctors had always looked strange. However, this causes some confusion and an inclination not to take him seriously. The mask earns him the nickname "Mr Beakface" by Valkyrie after he refuses to give her his Taken Name. One boy asks why he is dressed as a bird.

Sebastian also wears a long coat that flaps in the wind, due to the amount of time he spends on rooftops.


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