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Magic Type Adept
Power Seeing into the future
Notable User(s) Finbar Wrong
Ghastly Bespoke's mother
Paul Lynch

A Sensitive is a person who has any kind of psychic powers. Sensitive magic cannot be taught and requires a natural ability for it.[1]

Sensitive Abilities

Sensitive magic is, in essence, psychic powers. These are psychic powers that may or may not fall under the branch of Sensitivity:

  • Telepathy
  • Prophecies/Divination/Visions
  • Contact with spirits
  • Psychokinesis (while also meaning telekinesis, the ability to move and levitate things with the mind, it is also an umbrella term for other psionic abilities like pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis, etc. This ability may be a part of sensitive magic since in the third book, a knife is described as 'flying' into Finbar's hand while in a trance. Whether or not this means it literally flew or he moved rather quickly is unknown. It could also have just been the power of the Faceless One possessing him, since he floated in the air at the time being as well. Also Kitana crushed a sorcerer's brain "with my mind")
  • Aura Viewing (the ability to view the supposed electromagnetic field around a persons body that is generally associated with mystical phenomena)

The Night of Knives

The Night of Knives was a night between The Dying of the Light and Resurrection where eleven sensitives including Cassandra Pharos and Finbar Wrong were killed. Little is known about the event.

Known Sensitives

Necromancer Sensitives

The Sensitives that are with the Necromancers are known not to have the same strength as other Sensitives.

Finbar Wrong

Finbar was the first Sensitive to appear in the series. With his powers, he provided the location of where the Faceless Ones' portal would be. In the fifth book, he is possessed by a Remnant. The Remnant uses Finbar under Solomon Wreath's orders, as well as finding out who Darquesse is which leads to the Remnants having a messiah as well as Finbar losing his psychic abilities.

Cassandra Pharos

Cassandra's visions require a lot more efforts for less effective results. Because of this, she has equipment to help her. Cassandra was the one who showed Valkyrie and Skulduggery about Darquesse, and gave Valkyrie a Dream Whisperer, which later told Valkyrie her True Name, Darquesse.

Ghastly Bespoke's mother

Ghastly's mother was a professional boxer but did not want to be a Sensitive. She would get visions of the future, and had no choice but to watch them. Ghastly's mother was the first Sensitive to learn about Darquesse being the one to kill Skulduggery and Valkyrie.

Paul Lynch

Paul Lynch has had visions of the Faceless Ones returning and of Darquesse destroying the world. His death could have been a result of these visions.

Jerry Ordain

Jerry was a very bad sensitive, only being able to predict the weather a few minutes beforehand. He was interrogated under pressure by Billy-Ray Sanguine and a possessed Tanith Low. Tanith then decapitated him.


Obloquy has the ability to project thoughts of pain into his victim's heads. Ryan hears Obloquy's voice in his head say "pain, feel pain, too much pain to move" and Ryan staggers.

Geoffrey Scrutinous

He is a Sensitive that works with the Sanctuary, with the power to persuade mortal minds to believe what he tells them to.

Philomena Random

She is a Sensitive who works for the Irish Sanctuary, with the power to make mortal minds to believe what she says.

Deacon Maybury

His sensitive power is the ability to change the personality of others, and to physically disguise a person as another individual.

Bubba Moon

His Sensitive ability is that he can enter peoples' minds and take control.

Valkyrie Cain

As of Bedlam, her abilities have grown to include advanced sensitive powers such thought control and perusal, as well as future visions where she can control the speed and intensity of a vision.


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