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Serafina was Mevolent's wife. 
Character Information
Taken Name Serafina
Species Unknown
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Titles Serafina of the Unveiled
Location Unknown
Relations Mevolent (husband)



When Serafina's husband Mevolent was murdered, she believed it was one of her former handmaidens, a woman named Solace, who had killed him. Serafina went to China Sorrows and demanded to know where to find Solace, but China revealed that it was actually Solace's lover, Caisson, who had killed Mevolent. Serafina captured Caisson and he spent the next few hundred years being experimented on by Serafinas people until he was taken by Cadaverous Gant. Where Serafina has been hiding or what she's been doing since the war is still not known.


It is said that Serafina has a long memory, and that she loves to torture.