Character Information
Taken Name Shakra
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Location Ireland

Shakra is a character who was introduced in the fifth book.


Mortal Coil

Shakra attends the first meeting at the Great Chamber to elect the new Council of Elders. She becomes involved in an argument with Amity, a member of the Four Elementals. Amity believes that the American Sanctuary wants to offer their help to the Irish Sanctuary out of genuine good will, while Shakra thinks that the American Sanctuary might have ulterior motives.

Character Creation

Shakra is based off a fanfiction writer (on FanFiction.Net under the username Captain Subtext) and Bebo friend of Derek Landy who asked specifically to never be put into a Skulduggery Pleasant book. She does not have a Belfast accent and was seen to scream at Derek Landy at a reading in Belfast in a Canadian accent.

The reason for Rowan Madden's (Shakra's creator) annoyance at the creation of this character, was that Shakra Flame, so far just a minor internet presence, is soon to have her own series, she being the main character. Derek, understanding Rowan's distress, signed a hastily drawn contract, stating Rowan is within her rights to include, to a minor extent, Skulduggery Pleasant, in this series. Derek has henceforth found out what exactly Rowan will be doing to the poor skeleton, and has agreed. The book in question will be finished at the end of this year.

Derek Landy has recently edited the cameo scene of Skulduggery with Rowan Madden. The book's title can be revealed as In the Dark, the final draft of which will be complete by the end of summer, 2013. The history between Skulduggery and Shakra is planned by Madden. Landy is too nervous to comment.


The Dying of the Light mentioned
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