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Character Information
Given Name Sharon
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Location Ireland
Relations Finbar Wrong (spouse)

Sharon is the wife of Finbar Wrong. She has been mentioned by him, but has not appeared in the series. The two have a child together. Before the child was born, Finbar asked Skulduggery Pleasant to be the godfather. When Skulduggery declined, Finbar said Sharon would be disappointed. After Finbar sees the vision of Solomon Wreath coming to the Tattoo Parlour, he sends Sharon and their child away. Sharon is also a member of a cult, who's primary motive is to sacrifice their husbands. She also shaved her head for the unnamed cult which led to a tension between her and Finbar when he makes fun of the way she looks. She is also mentioned joining several other cults throughout the book, and tried to sacrifice Finbar to her alien supergods on one occassion.

Behind The Scenes

In Derek's blog, he said that he enjoyed Sharon not making an appearance, so she is not likely to be seen in the series.


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