Silas Nadir
Character Information
Taken Name Silas Nadir
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Dimensional Shunter
Location Roarhaven

Silas Nadir was a dimension hopping serial killer, and one of the few alive Dimensional Shunters, who was kept in the depths of Hammer Lane Gaol. Following the confusion of the Summer of Light, he managed to escape and wreak havoc in Dublin. The Irish Sanctuary attempted to track him down a few weeks later but they were unsuccessful. Skulduggery and Valkyrie later intercepted him in Smock Alley Theatre but they were unable to capture him.


Before the books

Silas was imprisoned for multiple murders and was sentenced 200 years. For 15 years he was plugged into Hammer Lane. His dimension shunting abilities meant the prison was in 8 dimensions every second making it impossible to escape. If it was attempted, the person would be ripped to pieces.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

Nadir was being controlled by Argeddion and became unhooked by Skulduggery and Valkyrie. This let him and a few other prisoners escape. He ran off because the Sanctuary double-crossed him. He did not know Ravel was the new Grand Mage and everything had changed. On his way out Silas grabbed Valkyrie's arm and cast an echoing shunt, which caused her to shunt to an alternate dimension in which Mevolent won the War.

Later, Nadir denied sending Valkyrie away and is was revealed he was being controlled by Argeddion. He later escaped after being held in the Sanctuary.


Nadir on the Theatre of Shadows cover.

Theatre of Shadows

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The arm of an Operative murdered by Nadir.

Following the confusion created by Argeddion, Nadir managed to escape confinement and began murdering again. Grand Mage Erskine Ravel issued a memorandum requesting help from Sanctuary Agents around the world to hunt down Nadir. A few weeks later, a number of clues were dropped as to Nadir's location. One of his accomplices gave the second clue and later turned himself in to custody because he feared Nadir's wrath.

Eventually, his location was revealed as the Moody Mountain range. Sanctuary Agents rushed to the scene and arrived at the location only twenty minutes after Nadir's deadline. The camp showed signs of around 10 conspirators, altogether. Not long after, Nadir stated that he would disappear for a few weeks until people felt secure again. Then, he would return.

Weeks later Skulduggery and Valkyrie tracked him down to a Theatre near Dame Street. They find him in a room with his victims chained up hanging from the ceiling. He notices them and makes a run for it. He is knocked down by Valkyrie and tells them about his employer He manages to press a sigil on the wall which synchs them both out of the dimension. He is then seen walking out of the room and not seen again.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Scapegrace believed that it was Nadir who shunted a hideous dog-like creature into into our dimension. Later, he tried to hunt him down after he spotted him with Madame Mist. However, he grabbed the wrong man: Creyfon Signate, another dimension shunter.

The Dying of the Light

When Skulduggery attempted to recruit Signate in a plan to shunt Erskine Ravel to another dimension, they discussed the fact that Nadir had discovered Mevolent's dimension. Signate mentioned that he hadn't met Nadir in over fifty years and that he wasn't a serial killer like him. Skulduggery said that they had attempted to capture Nadir in the past, and that they hopefully would again in the future.


When The Darquesse Society needed a shunter to open a portal to The Faceless Ones' universe, Ulysses says that he knows one and it'd cost the group nothing, other than getting the shunter into Roarhaven. When questioned, Ulysse reveals that this shunter is Silas Nadir. Thanks to Forby being able to temporarily weaken the city's defenses, Nadir is successfully brought into the city.

Nadir plays with the thought, aloud, of betraying the group, and taunts Sebastian about hurting someone close to him in the past. Eventually, Nadir opens the portal with no problems and the two parties go their separate ways.


He had short hair.


Not much is known about Silas Nadir but he was a cold-hearted killer who murdered many, as far as we know mainly women whom he would hang and torture.



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