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Skulduggery Pleasant's house
Skulduggery Pleasant's house Information
Name(s) Skulduggery Pleasant's house
Major events The Remnant Outbreak and The Death Bringer Crisis
Inhabitants Skulduggery Pleasant
Part of Ireland

Skulduggery Pleasant's house was the house that Skulduggery Pleasant lived in. It was located at the end of a street of two funeral parlours.



It is unclear if this is the house that Skulduggery's deceased family lived in. However, its old-fashioned style suggested that he may have owned it for a while.

The Remnant Outbreak

When Vaurien Scapegrace and Thrasher were trying to extend their life, they accidentally discovered Skulduggery's residence. They later planned to sell this information on.

Later, Davina Marr was brought here to be interrogated. When Tanith Low went to the toilet in the house, she was attacked by Tesseract who had concealed himself in the bathroom in the hopes of killing Marr without raising the alarm. However, he still had to fight the others before managing to kill Marr.

It was later mentioned that Skulduggery tried to figure out who had revealed his home location to Tesseract. His investigation led him to Vaurien Scapegrace.

The Death Bringer Crisis

Valkyrie Cain used the bathroom that was especially installed for her (as Skulduggery no longer had need for one).