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The Skulduggery Pleasant movie is an unreleased film and is the first movie in the series. Derek Landy has mentioned in an interview that he is no longer considering creating the film with Warner Brothers as the script was dreadful[1]

The script that was given back to Derek involved basing the movie on a musical. One scene of which was Skulduggery singing Man In the Mirror in Valkyrie's living room. 

In an Interview with Booktopia released on the 22nd October 2014 he confirmed that he has been writing a script and has been in talks with a company. There will be more information revealed in the coming weeks.


"A wise-cracking skeleton detective and his young female accomplice try to stop the return of the evil Faceless Ones." - Taken from The Movie Insiders.

Movie Rights

On December 20, 2010, Derek Landy said on his blog that the movie rights are back with him for the moment - meaning they aren't attached to any studio[2].




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