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Book 14: Dead or Alive

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Baron Vengeous was one of Mevolent's infamous Three Generals. Following the demise of Nefarian Serpine, he attempted to bring back the Faceless Ones, whom he worshipped.

Vengeous was in search of Lord Vile's armour and Valkyrie Cain's blood so that he could revive the Grotesquery, an abomination of a creature, formed by the body parts of many other beasts. The Grotesquery, due to having the torso of a Faceless One, was purported to be able to herald the return of the remaining Faceless Ones.

In an alternate dimension, Vengeous was present, appearing on the victorious side of the War. However, Vengeous was used as little more than a prison guard, now that the world was experiencing a period of relative peace, albeit a peace dominated by oppression. Vengeous was also married to Eliza Scorn, a fanatic who had gone insane, having briefly looked at a Faceless One during Mevolent's Rituals. (Read more: Baron Vengeous)

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Skulduggery Pleasant News

UnpleasantIE UnpleasantIE 1 April

Dead or Alive Released!

After many months of waiting, Dead or Alive has been officially released.

While some people may have received the book early due to shipping mishaps, or may be collecting it later due to the pandemic, today is still quite a symbolic day for the community.

For those who have read the book, what are your thoughts? How does it compare to the rest …

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UnpleasantIE UnpleasantIE 24 January

New Apocalypse Kings Preview!

Earlier today, a preview of Apocalypse Kings was released! Here's the link:

What are your thoughts on the preview? Are you excited for the novella, or are your eyes set on Dead or Alive? Voice your thoughts in the comments below.

In other Skulduggery news, Derek has announced a giveaway…

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UnpleasantIE UnpleasantIE 22 December 2020

New Skulduggery Book! - The Skulduggery Pleasant Grimoire

Today, Derek announced another new book - The Skulduggery Pleasant Grimoire! The book is, in his own words:

The book is set to release on the 27th of May, 2022. What are your thoughts on the book? Would this be preferable to a short story? What type of content would you like to see in it? Voice your thoughts in the comments.

The announcement vide…

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UnpleasantIE UnpleasantIE 24 November 2020

Dead or Alive Cover Revealed!

Earlier today, Derek released the cover of Dead or Alive on his Twitter.

The tagline for the book is "Time Is Running Out." What're your thoughts on the cover? And the colour scheme used? Is this better or worse than previous covers? Express your thoughts in the comments.

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Site News

UnpleasantIE UnpleasantIE 29 February 2020

Seasons of War Appearance Templates!

The appearance templates for Seasons of War characters are here. This should help us get a head start on updating the pages of characters who were in the first eight chapters. These are the commands to use the templates:

I hope to see the templates popping up around the wiki in the coming days. Here is what they look like.

​ …

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UnpleasantIE UnpleasantIE 10 January 2020

New Phase Two Templates!

After a long period of waiting, phase two templates for characters who were mentioned are finally here! Simply use the appearance template as follows:

This does add quite a bit of work as we now must add these templates to the appearances category of all characters who were mentioned in phase two but it's worth it to have a better wiki. Here a…

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Dregran Dregran 29 June 2014

Skulpedia maintenance - what you can do to help!

Hello everyone!

I am terribly sorry for be inactive as of late. Things have happened in real life lately, but I have to admit I have been coming here less due to other internet-commitments and forgetfulness.

I think the first and most imporant thing I need to do is thank Marino312. Without him, this place would look more messy and nothing would…

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