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Skulduggery Pleasant universe
Valkyrie Cain, a human female inhabitant.
Skulduggery Pleasant universe Information
Name(s) Skulduggery Pleasant universe
Inhabitants The Sanctuary
The Diablerie
The Revengers' Club
Part of Unknown

The Skulduggery Pleasant is the reality in which the Skullduggery Pleasant book series takes place, as opposed to any alternate realties explored in the books. For all intents and purposes the universe parallels the real world with the notable exception of the existence of magic and thus an entire history of the magical community kept separate from the mortals.


The War

See also: The War

The War was between the Sanctuaries and Mevolent. Mevolent wanted to bring back the Faceless Ones, but the Sanctuaries fought to stop this. After a long battle, the Sanctuaries eventually won, and Mevolent was killed.

The Truce is Broken

It is revealed in the first book that Nefarian Serpine had broken the Truce with the Sanctuaries, and secretly plans to steal the Sceptre of the Ancients to kill the Elders, therefore giving him access to the Book of Names.

Baron Vengeous and the Grotesquery

See also: The Battle at Clearwater

The Return of the Diablerie

See also: The Battle of Aranmore Farm

Old Enemies Unite

The Remnant Outbreak

During Mortal Coil, the Remnants trapped in the Midnight Hotel were set free. They took over Ireland, throwing the country into choas. Skulduggery and the others managed to lure the Remnants to Kerry, where the Receptacle is, and trap the Remnants into the Receptacle.

The Rise of the Death Bringer

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