Solomon new

Solomon holding his cane.

Solomon Wreath's cane is his signature necromantic weapon that he stores his magic in. It is described as being plain and black, looking as though it is cloaked in shadows.


Solomon's original cane was destroyed in the Battle of Aranmore Farm, after he allowed Valkyrie to use his power to attack a Faceless One. He later obtained an identical cane.


His cane allows him to perform standard and advanced Necromancy techniques that may or may not be able to be performed by Necromancers with different weapons. Some of these abilities are:

  • Standard shadow manipulation (whips, streams, tendrils etc.)
  • Waves of darkness by using his cane like a 'conductors baton.'
  • Shadow walking by tapping his cane at his feet, 'inviting' the shadows in around him.
  • Conjuring thousands of dark arrows.
  • Summoning his cane by using shadows to lift it towards him.


Death Bringer