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Staven Weeper
Character Information
Taken Name Staven Weeper
Species Humans
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Unknown
Location Ireland

Staven Weeper was a Sanctuary agent in the Irish Sanctuary. Derek hinted that Weeper was likely to make another appearance in the series,[1] which he did in Last Stand Of Dead Men.


The Faceless Ones

When Skulduggery and Valkyrie needed a prisoner to distract the Cleavers so they can steal the Grotesquery, they attempted to take Vaurien Scapegrace but Weeper tried to stop them. He failed, and was put in a cell himself.

Later when Valkyrie was arrested and put in a cell by Remus Crux, she was forced to share one with Scapegrace. Weeper noticed them, and agreed to escort her to another cell. However, she attacked him and locked him in a cell again.

Dark Days

Weeper was given the job of watching Skulduggery's home for the past three months. When he spotted Skulduggery and Valkyrie leaving the home, he followed them, but crashed. Skulduggery told Weeper to tell the Grand Mage, Thurid Guild, that Skulduggery was back and that he was crazy after his experiences in the Faceless Ones' universe.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Weeper was found asleep while on guard duty by Ghastly Bespoke, who tried to wake him up before discovering that he was unconscious. Weeper had been injected with spider venom by the Children of the Spider , to facilitate the abduction of Bernard Sult from his cell, which later led to the public execution of Sult on the Global Link.

Later, near the end of the war with warlock, he and Tipstaff are released from their cells by Skulduggery and China. He was put away for trying to attack Ravel on three separate occasions for what he had done. He then guides Skulduggery and China from the security room with Tipstaff, who is annoyed by his love for China.


Weeper's magic type is unknown, as he hasn't performed magic in the books.


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