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The Steam Chamber is used by Cassandra Pharos to help her project visions.

In Books

Dark Days

We first hear of the Steam Chamber in the fourth book. Skulduggery and Valkyrie, along with Finbar Wrong,
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Valkyrie first sees a glimpse of the future and Darquesse in the Steam Chamber

visit Cassandra Pharos, a Sensitive, for information on Darquesse. Cassandra leads the three into her house and down to her cellar. The room is cement brick walls and harsh lighting. The floor was a metal grill and under the grill was coal. On the celing were sprinklers and in the middle of the room was a straight backed chair and a yellow umbrella. Cassandra explains that she can project her visions onto the steam; allowing everyone to view them. She takes a seat and picks up the umbrella. Skulduggery summons twin fireballs and ignites the coals. Finbar turns on the sprinklers.

The steam began to form. Valkyrie watched as a person could be seen on in the steam running towards them and mistaked it for an intruder. She lashed out and almost hit Skulduggery who calmed her down. The vision shown a city almost dead. People can be heard screaming in the background and the gang can be seen running through the vision. Ghastly is the first to been seen, freaking Valkyrie out again and causing her to slip. Skulduggery can be seen but his suit is torn. The sounds of a battle can be heard in the Chamber. Dark figures can been seen fighting the Cleavers and throwing them aside like they were nothing more than an annoyence. Then, an older Valkyrie can be seen. She has a tattoo from her left shoulder to her elbow and a gauntlet on her right arm. The older Valkyrie says she has seen this destruction before and turns to exactly where the younger Valkyrie is standing and says there. As the vision goes on, Melissa and Desmond Edgley can be seen. The older Valkyrie pleades not to make her watch this again and she disappears. In the same instant, a dark figure is seen stalking towards the pair. Skulduggery holds Valkyrie back as Finbar whispers Darquesse. Darquesse raises her hand and turns Valkyrie's parents into ashes.

At the end of the vision, the darkness can be seen destroying anything is its path. Valkyrie only realises she is coated in sweat when the steam disappears. Her headache from before the vision is worse then ever. She tells Skulduggery she can't believe she let her parents die but Skulduggery clarifies it was the older Valkyrie and not her. 

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