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The Supreme Council
Group Information
Location Europe (Headquarters)
Date Founded Before 2012
Date Disbanded Late 2013
Notable Members Renato Bisahalani
Former Leader(s)
Dedrich Wahrheit, Illori Reticent, Bernard Sult
Current Leader(s)

The Supreme Council is a council made of several Elders and Grand Mages who want to take over Ireland. It consists of every single Sanctuary in the world except the Irish, Australian and African Sanctuaries. It was first mentioned in Kingdom of the Wicked.


After many threats emerged in Ireland (In recent years: Nefarian Serpine, Baron Vengeous, The Faceless Ones, The Revengers' Club, Remnant Outbreak and The Death Bringer) the Sanctuaries around the world repeatedly made attempts to discredit Ireland's reputation. The American Sanctuary was particuarly worried about the precariousness of Ireland's situation. However, many Irish mages believed that the other sanctuaries were only interested in Ireland's power as a Cradle of Magic and wanted it for themselves.

Eventually, the Sanctuaries around the world agreed to to declare War on Ireland after Quintin Strom was murdered in an Irish cell. Africa and Australia, fearing that they as cradles of magic would have their soverignty threatened, joined Ireland after a few months. Later, the council disbanded after Roarhaven, under the guidance of The Man with Golden Eyes, took over sanctuaries around the world. The Warlocks then attacked Roarhaven leading to their defeat. Following this, most Sanctuaries returned to normal, freeing Irish Prisoners of War and exposing corrupt mages. However, most of the world's population mistrursted Ireland after that and minimised interaction between them.


Almost every Sanctuary in the world was involved at some stage, but many left in the later stages of the War.

Notable Sanctuaries


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