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Character Information
Taken Name Syc
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept
Faction Children of the Spider
Weapons Two daggers
Location Ironpoint Gaol or Deceased

Syc is a Child of the Spider. He attended a meeting in the Sanctuary with some other Children of the Spider.


Mortal Coil

Syc attended a meeting in the Sanctuary with Ceryen, Portia, Madame Mist and the Torment. When Tesseract killed Ceryen, he immediately pulled out two daggers and attacked him. He cut Tesseract, but had his daggers removed and he was pushed against a wall. Tesseract attacked Portia with the daggers, and Syc vomited large spiders. He was then lying on the ground when Remnants invaded, and he was likely to be possessed.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

He and Portia murder Bernard Sult in front of every Sanctuary in the world as a reprisal for the death of an Irish mage in America. Both Syc and Portia are later freed from the gaols by Madame Mist who claim that they are sorry for their crime. He later fights China who defeats him. He is either dead or in Ironpoint Gaol.


According to Tesseract, Syc is the fastest person he had ever seen, and as Tesseract has fought many skilled opponents this is an impressive feat. In combat Syc fights with two daggers. He also vomited spiders, but it is unknown if he can turn into a spider like The Torment.


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