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Sydney Information
Name(s) Sydney
Major events The War of the Sanctuaries
Inhabitants Hayley Skirmish, Myra, Sakamoto
Part of Australia

Sydney was a city in Australia. Fletcher Renn lived there for around two years with his girlfriend Myra.

In Books

Mortal Coil

In Mortal Coil, Fletcher brought Valkyrie Cain to Sydney after the Remnant attacks. Outside the Sanctuary, Fletcher handed Valkyrie a pair of sunglasses and teleported them to a sunny beach in Sydney. They sat and Fletcher apoligised for attacking Valkyrie. She told him to forget it and not feel guilty.

After a while, a green parrot hopped over and onto Valkyrie's stomach. Fletcher took pictures and commented "That's one you can never show your family." The bird then flew onto Fletcher's head and Valkyrie started laughing uncontrollably. She took photos with her phone. The bird flew away and Fletcher fixed his hair, lunging at Valkyrie to grab her phone but failing. After a few moments Valkyrie told Fletcher she loved him and he stiffened. She told him to forget she said it.

Skulduggery in Australia

Skulduggery in Sydney

Death Bringer

After breaking up with Valkyrie, Fletcher travelled the world and presumably settled in Sydney at this point, remembering it from his previous visits.

Kingdom Of The Wicked

Fletcher brought his new girlfriend, Myra, from Australia to Roarhaven to meet Valkyrie. They mentioned that they lived in an apartment in Sydney while attending college.

Last Stand Of Dead Men

Sakamoto was a neighbour of Fletcher and Myra. Hayley Skirmish and Tane Aiavao were assigned to protect Fletcher as the upcoming War between Sanctuaries would likely make him a target as he was the last Teleporter. It was actually Myra who was ordered to get close to him to kill him when necessary. She murders Skirmish and Aiavao and tasered Fletcher, put he managed to escape.



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